Thursday, November 7, 2019

Getting Ready for the Holidays?

What gifts are you making this year and how can we help?

Moore Yarn has always offered Finishing Services, but now we will also turn your Works in Progress into Finished Objects! Any Knit or Crochet project, at any stage and if Life gets in the way between now and the Holidays, we can help you out then too. For a price quote, stop by the store with your project, instructions and anything else needed to complete the task. Prices depend on work to be done, complexity of pattern and time frame for completion.

We're open Tuesday thru Friday from 12pm to 9pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm

These are some of the stockings that are available for purchase at the store. All may be personalized... Or you can purchase a kit to make them yourself!

We specialize in Vintage Christmas Stockings - just like Grandma made.

It’s already into November,

...and each year I promise, swear & adjure that I will not wait until the last minute for holiday gifts. It’s not just the making, but the what for who! Who has been added to the list, who has been removed from the list and who gets a second chance? What do they like, what don’t they like, and will they use what I make? The latter being a primary reason for removal from the Knit-worthy or Crochet-worthy list!

Knit-worthy or Crochet-worthy? It simply means that the recipient will appreciate that fact that they have received something that you made especially for them; that they will use the item and/or display it where you (and others) will see it. Yes, anyone can be added to the list, but staying on the list – there’s a trick to that!

Think about it this way…
A scarf or cowl, hat or mittens all take a certain amount of time to make – from the decision to do it, selecting the pattern and yarn, to the actual work. Let’s say I am making a hat for a relative – a hat that show off their team pride using a technique I just learned. I created a pattern for the hat, using the new technique, and made the 1st hat as a test. Adjusted the pattern and made 1 for each of the members of the target family (except 1 who I was told didn’t wear hats – he got a scarf). So, the time to create the patterns and knit each of the 4 hats totaled about 28 hours or about 7 hours per hat. The yarn was $60 or $15 a hat. The cost based on minimum wage plus the yarn was $85 ($70 + $15). I thought they were all worth the time and effort. My thanks was a “Thanks” on FaceBook Messenger with no evidence that they knew what they were thanking me for (no pictures). As their 3rd infraction, they have been removed from the list. While someone who received a cute Christmas Mouse named “Holly” (who cost less than $10 in yarn and about 10 hours to make) has texted pictures of Holly traveling with her and I even spent time with Holly on a recent hiking trip. Yep, Knit-worthy renewal!

If you receive something handmade this Holiday season, thank them profusely for taking the time to think of you and make something for you – They think you’re worth it!

In Demand & On Demand? Classes at Moore Yarn, of Course!

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Big Changes at Moore Yarn!

If you follow Moore Yarn at Airport Plaza on Facebook,       then you have already heard the news...

We're not selling yarn anymore! 

You can buy your yarn anywhere - from Sheep & Wool festivals, LYS & Big Box stores to a plethora of online sites such as Indie Dyers and Yarn Manufacturers, many who previously only sold through brick & mortar LYS and now have opened their own online stores. 

And while many people love to come in and touch the yarn a fair percentage of them then go home and order it online, with free shipping and home delivery. We have decided to focus on what you can't get in other places. 

Big Box stores, online websites and many Yarn shops do not offer the level of service that is available at Moore Yarn!

  • Help sessions regardless of the source of your yarn. The first 15 minutes are free! Longer sessions are available from $15 for 16-30 minutes up to $60 for 2 hours.
  • On Demand classes! Private Lessons = Personal attention! We have always run our classes even if only 1 person signed up, so On Demand just makes it official. Our website, Moore Yarn's, has been completely re-done to allow you to  find the classes you want to take and register right then! Here are just a few of the classes that are available;
    • Amigurumi Advanced - Crochet or Knit 
    • Amigurumi for Beginners - Knit or Crochet
    • Beaded Knit Lace Scarf    New
    • Blocking - Crochet: Guided Discussion or Hands On
    • Blocking - Knit: Guided Discussion or Hands On
    • Brioche - One Color, Two Color, or In the Round
    • Chart Reading - Crochet
    • Chart Reading - Knit with separate sessions for Cables, Lace, Color or Texture (Knit & Purl) Charts
    • Continental Knitting (Knit Faster!)
    • Crochet for Knitters    New
    • Crochet Next Steps
    • Designing (Behind the Scenes) for Crochet or Knit
    • Entrelac Crochet   New
    • Entrelac Knit
    • Fair Isle Knitting
    • Finishing & Seams
    • Fixing Mistakes - Basics or specifically Fixing Cables or Fixing Lace
    • Gauge Matters Knit or Crochet   New
    • In the Round using DPNs or Magic Loop
    • Introduction to Knitted Lace    New
    • Mosaic - Crochet Coming Soon
    • Mosaic - Knit    New
    • Novice Crochet (Learn to Crochet)
    • Novice Knitting (Learn to Knit)
    • Pattern Reading - Crochet
    • Pattern Reading - Knit
    • Simple Beaded Bag - Crochet or Knit    New
    • Sweaters in Knit or Crochet
    • Tatting with Shuttle    New
    • Tunisian Crochet (In depth or Express for a specific project)
    • Yarn Basics (Yarn-Speak for beginners)
    • Yarn Substitution (A.K.A. Right Sweater, Wrong Yarn)

  • Our staples - Novice Knitting & Novice Crochet, Building Blocks, Building In Color, Building with Lace are still available! They can be done as an On Demand class or we'll work to get a group together when it's convenient for you.

Classes in a group? Sure! If you know others that want to take a specific class together, let us know and we will make the arrangements. Class sizes are limited to 8.

What else??? Finishing?

We have expanding our finishing to include not only basic blocking and seaming, but also WIP/UFO completion. Bring in your project and we'll give you a price. Need it by a specific date? We will work with you to try to make it happen. Stop by with your project or book a consultation session to speak with Flo & Mitzy about what you need and how we can help you. A book session ensures that they will be available for you and consultation session fees will be deducted from work quote.

How else can we help you? 

Just let us know... We're here for you when others aren't...

Call 732-847-3665 for more information and check out our New Website - Moore Yarn

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Classes On Demand!

We heard you...

 and are happy to announce that our classes are now available "ON DEMAND"! 

This means that even if a class is being offered at a specific date and time, you can schedule it when you are available. All you have to do is call the store and set up your class. Here are a few of the classes that are available:

Techniques and Skills

Novice Knitting                                                           Novice Crochet
Fixing Mistakes                                                           Finishing in Style
Pattern Reading for Knitters                                        Pattern Reading for Crocheters
Chart Reading for Knitters                                          Chart Reading for Crocheters
The Sock Hop                                                              Tunisian Crochet
Yarn Substitution                                                         Tatting (Shuttle or Needle)


Holiday Stockings                                                        Amigurumi
Hats, Scarves, & Cowls                                                Shawls
Sweaters                                                                        Lace, Cables & Colorwork

Click here for the full list.

Sweater University - Back to Basics October 2019

We will be starting up a new class for Sweater University - meeting once a month on the 2nd Thursday night from 7-9pm. It will be the Boyfriend Sweater - our first Sweater University sweater! It is a 5 piece sweater (2 fronts, back, & 2 sleeve) with front inset pockets. The sleeves are set in sleeves, with shaping for front and back armholes and the sleeve caps. Topics covered during the series will include gauge swatching, shaping, blocking, seams and finishing.

The sessions will meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month from 10/10/2019 thru 4/9/2019 from 7-9pm. Each session will cost $35 or $210 if all sessions are paid in advance. Participants will also receive a 20% discount on yarn purchased though Moore Yarn. You will need 1800 to 2600 yds of worsted weight yarn and US 9 (or size to make gauge) circular needles There will be a limit of 8 participants. The deadline for registration and yarn orders is September 12th.

If you have a sweater or other large project that you would like to do on your own, we can work with you from beginning to the successful completion

Crochet Sweater University Fall 2019-2020

How about a little lace for your spring and summer 2020? "On the Lace" Cardigan from Bernat is our next crochet sweater project beginning Wednesday, September 25 from 7-9pm. We will meet the 4th Wednesday of each month until February 26 2020. The sweater is sized from small (28"-34" bust) up to 4/5 XL (56"-62" bust), with up to 2" of ease. You will need 800 to 1600 yds of worsted weight yarn and a US H/8 (5 mm) or size to make gauge hook. The body (fronts and back) are worked in one piece and the sleeves are worked separately and set in.

Each session will cost $35 or $180 if all sessions are paid in advance. Participants will also receive a 20% discount on yarn purchased though Moore Yarn. The deadline for registration and yarn orders is September 6th.

Have questions? Just give us a call for more information or to register for any of our classes and events.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

LYS Day Celebration!

LYS Day is a special day & we want to give something back to you, our loyal customers!

Stop by the store any time Friday, 4/26 from 10am-9pm, Saturday, 4/27 from 10am-6pm or Sunday 4/28 before 5pm & enter our LYS Day Door Prize drawing for a chance to win one of 3 great gifts.

Oliver Owl, 
an exclusive Mega-gurumi design by Mitzy

Project Bag by Mitzy with a Yarn Guardian*  


Stitcher's Care Kit (Featuring a Lifesaver Lifeline set, Stitcher's Balm & a Yarn Guardian*) by Flo

* New Product - MY Yarn Guardian - A sachet containing cedar chips and lavender flowers to both make your project smell great & protect it from moths.

Ok, here's the fine print...

  • Only 1 entry per customer per day will be accepted.
  • You may place an entry in each of the Ticket boxes, but you may win only one prize.
  • The winner will be announced on Sunday at 5pm. You do not need to be present to win.

The Discount wheel will also be out for the entire weekend! Take a chance to receive up to 75% off your purchase.

There will be light refreshments and much Moore!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Coming In March

A New Class to Refine Your Skills!

Gauge Matters!

  • Have you ever run out of yarn for a project?
  • Have you ever made a hat that didn’t fit – Anyone?
  • Do your projects come out larger or smaller than the pattern says?

It’s because 
Gauge Matters! 

All of the above result from ignoring the real 1st step of a Knit of Crochet project – Swatching for Gauge! Ok, so

  • Sometimes you do the swatch, it matches the pattern, so off you go… but your project ends up too big or too small. 
  • Sometimes you do the swatch, it matches the pattern, so off you go… but you still run out of yarn or have a lot left over & the project doesn’t fit! 
  • Sometimes you do the swatch doesn’t match the pattern’s stated gauge & you don’t know what to do or you don’t know how to interpret the results. 

How do you get it to fit? Easy!  Join us for Gauge Matters - a bootcamp on why gauge is important to your project - even if the pattern says it is not – Saturday, March 9th from 9am-12pm for Knitters and Saturday, March 30th from 9am-12pm for Crocheters! The cost for the session is just $45, plus materials (yarn for in-class work and a ruler for gauging).

These 3 hour sessions are hand-on and not a lecture. There are pre-class samples (see back of flyer) that must be completed before the class meets and will be used during the class. Pre-registration is required. Stop by the store or Call 732-847-3665 to register.

Mandala Madness!

Colorful Crochet Mandalas are a modern take on doilies. Often each row is a different color rather than the same color all the way through. They are fun and easy to do! This March 16th and 30th we will be adapting a basic square mandala to cover a square Jute totebag. This is a great way to learn about how mandalas are constructed, and even some new stitches. All you need is about 135 yds each of 6 colors chunky weight yarn, a US I hook and a jute totebag (12" wide bye 12" high by 6" deep). 

The cost of the 2 session class is $50 plus your materials. Pre-registration is required, so sign up early!


Amigurumi is not difficult, especially when you are working on these adorable sheep. Marshmallow is knitted using US 4 DPNs and just wants to hug everyone in sight. You can learn about amigurumi while making him (or her) Tuesday evenings from 7-9pm on March 5th and 19th. Bubbles is crocheted using s US G hook and is the perfect size for that special little one you know. You can make him on Wednesdays 3/6 and 3/20 from 7-9pm. Pre-registration is required for both classes and there are a limited number of kits available, so don't delay.

Looking for something fun to do with your friends who Knit or Crochet? Ask us about special group sessions - you pick the project - we'll get you started. Contact Flo or Mitzy for more information and suggestions for possible events!

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Thank You & look what's coming!

First we want to thank everyone who stopped by or sent best wishes for our 5th Anniversary. It has been a long journey for Mitzy and Flo, but is is one that they have enjoyed with passion and creativity. The Discount Wheel made it's 1st appearance in almost 3 years and there was excitement everywhere. Thanks also to Kazia Rae's Restaurant for providing snacks and munchies, and Terri, Darcy and others who also added to our refreshment table.

It is the Holiday Season and we ask you to remember to support your local businesses. For many of us, this time of the year brings in a significant chunk of our income. Before you open an app on your phone, swing by the shop and see what we have to offer for those on your Holiday lists.

We offer our thanks and gratitude to all of our customers, new and returning, for the past year and we look forward to working with you in the coming year. To offer a wide variety of yarns, notions, classes and the FREE help sessions that that your have come to expect, we need your help.

Yarn Consignment? Up and ready for your destashing!

Begun in November, our Yarn Consignment Club is doing well on both sides of the fence. Offering new, not so new and vintage/discontinued yarns, it's perfect when you need (or want) something unusual for that special project. We have added needles, pattern books and pattern pamphlets as well. Come in and check it out!

Got yarn that you bought but don't want or no longer love? Bring it in and for just $5 (annual seller's fee) you can become a member of the Moore Yarn Consignment Club). We 'll package it, research the selling price and put it on 'the selling floor'. If it sells, you get 40% and we get 60% (to cover the cost of packaging and the space).

Coming in 2019...

Hats of the Month Club & Cowls of the Month Club

Want to learn new techniques, stitches and have fun? The Hats and Cowls of the Month Clubs offer just that. Each month we will be offering sessions in a Knit Hat, a Crochet Hat and a Cowl (sometimes knit and sometimes crochet). The sessions are 3 hours to give you plenty of time to  get your project started and understand the concepts.  Click on the links above to learn more about the projects that we will be working on. Contact the store if you have questions or would like to register for any of the classes. 
New sessions of many of our popular classes will also be starting up come the New Year. 

Crochet Sweater University Semester #3 begins February 27th

Our featured project for the next semester is a Crochet Kimono/Tunic using the Corner to Corner Construction! This generously sized sweater is can be found on Ravelry as Free Range Kimono. There will be 2 pre-semester sessions (January 30th and 31st from 7-9pm and 7 semester sessions (see dates below).

Before the semester begins on the 4th Wednesday of February, we will be offer in 2 sessions on Corner to Corner (C2C). The 1st session on Wednesday, 1/30 from 7-9pm will focus on the basics of C2C (getting started, increasing and decreasing). The 2nd session - the next night will look at working with more than one color. If you want to learn about this fascinating technique, join us.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Cash For your Yarn Stash????

Register here to be part of a new and exciting yarn adventure:

 MY E-Club and MOORE YARN Consignment Club!

 What is it?   The Moore Yarn Consignment Club is a great, new way to rejuvenate your yarn stash by getting rid of yarns you no longer love or cannot use and find new treasures for future projects.
Anyone who has yarn that they no longer love, cannot use, or even forgot why they got it can become a Selling Member of the Moore Yarn Consignment Club.

Premium yarns of any kind, any fiber, any quantity (full hank/skeins only please). Yarns that your would love to see and purchase. We may be opening it up to books & patterns at a later date.

Register annually as a Selling Member of Moore Yarn Attic Club for just $5. Then bring in yarns that you want to de-stash. The staff will check you in & price your items (An item is defined as a single color of a brand & Variety (Ex. 5 hanks of Berroco Vintage is 1 item.), up to a maximum of 5 per month*, will be set out for sale. When something sells, you’ll get 40% of the sale price. Anything that is rejected will be returned to you or donated to local seniors for Charity projects.

The 1st through the 8th of each month* we will be accepting items for sale. You’ll be notified within a few days if any items have been rejected and need to be picked up. On the 20th of the month, sales up to the 19th of the month will be included in that month’s payments.

* This is being waived until further notice but may change at any time.

We want The Moore Yarn Consignment Club to be a fun experience for everyone. We pledge to offer fair prices and great value for both our customers & our club members.



What is Consignment? When your leave an item or items with someone for the purpose of selling them. When they are sold, you receive a percentage of the sale price, generally ranging from 40% to 60%.

What types of yarns will be accepted?  Yarns that you, as a shopper, would like to see luxury fibers, premium yarns and hand dyed, as well as old standards from your stash that need to be moved along, are perfect for the Moore Yarn Consignment Club. Any quantity of yarn is accepted, but full Hank or Skeins only. They may be purchased as a group or individually.

What will not be accepted? Most generic yarns found in Big Box & discount stores will be rejected. We do not feel that these yarns represent the quality of yarn that our customers are used to.  Please, don’t be offended if we say no to something you bring in.

How is yarn priced? Yarns are priced based on an average of retail price or the original purchase price (as marked) less 20%.

How long will yarns be available for sale? Yarns will be placed on the Sales floor for a minimum of 2 months and then replaced with new items. This means if you see something you like – get it; it may not be there when you come back.

What happens at the end of the Consignment Period? At the end of the consignment period, the yarns are removed and returned to their owners. This allows us to bring new and different yarns to you on a frequent basis. Just like outlet stores and other consignment stores, it is important to stop back early and often. New items will be put out on (or about) the 10th of each month.

What if my yarn is sold? When your yarn is sold, you will receive a check for 40% of the sales price. The remainder goes towards rent of the unit, packaging, etc.

Can previously accepted, but unsold yarn be brought back? Sure, but please wait 6 months before bringing it back.

Can previously rejected yarns be brought back? Yes, but unless we could not accept it because of a lack of space, it will likely be rejected again.

How do I sign up?
Fill out this form - Consignment Agreement  and bring it with you when you bring your first yarns for consignment. Annually, there is a $5 fee for joining the Moore Yarn Consignment Club, which you may make back in just one sale!

Getting Ready for the Holidays?

What gifts are you making this year and how can we help? Moore Yarn has always offered Finishing Services, but now we will also t...